​​Monday: Closed
​Sunday: 10am-6pm
Tuesday-Saturday: 10am-7pm
Tel: 651-336-6108
  1. Ashe L. Savannah, GA
    This rinky dink place I've always eaten at. It's probably the one and only Cambodian restaurant around St. Paul I know of. The food is great here, service is nice.
    Ashe L. Savannah, GA
  2.  Lyn C. Stockton, CA
    This place is very underrepresented! My favorite is the pahok ktiss which is the best, most authentic I've had so far in the twin cities and even better than the one at Cheng Heng (imo) plus you get nearly twice as much. While the first half of the menu are more Chinese inspired dishes, familiar to the westernized palate, there are some hidden gems within the menu. They even have fried pork intestines which were delicious! And their sour fish soup was very good as well. The serving sizes (especially soups) are very, very generous considering the prices. Most dishes are under $10. It wasn't as busy and there weren't a lot of staff, but it's a really sweet place. My friend and I are definitely going to come here more often :) **update** salaw machu kreuong is my new fave here. The closest to home I've ever had in my time here ;DD
    Lyn C. Stockton, CA
  3.  T.g. W. Scandia, MN
    Best pad Thai ever. Spring rolls were very good and bigger that typical. The sauce for the rolls isn't as peanuty as I prefer. $15 with tip for enough food for two meals easy.
    T.g. W. Scandia, MN
  4. Nick and Natasha
    We thought the single best dish we had that day was the Siem Reap Sour Soup ($8.50) – our new standard for soup, we’d go back to Kolap in a heartbeat, order this yummy soup and slurp down a big bowl each. The broth is fragrant but it’s the combination of the sweet pineapple and the spicy chili that really takes this to the next level. Add some rice into the soup and it becomes a hearty meal.
    Nick and Natasha
  5. Dengue Fever
    Great memories from St.Paul and more pics to come but a quick thanks to Kolap Restaurant for an amazing Cambodian meal as far away from Cambodia as we 've ever been :D #MSP
    Dengue Fever
  6. Malay Knowles
    Great authentic food!!!!! Love coming here every time I visit Minnesota. One of my top favorite asian resturants in the twin cities! Also, I have a crush on the server. And the new menu is awesome!
    Malay Knowles